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This Sight Under Construction?

There's been a great deal of discussion about 'Gaza the day after.' What about Gaza four decades after?
We are obviously faced with a humanitarian catastrophe of nearly unimaginable proportions in Palestinian Gaza today; one which will take our constant efforts to confront for months, if not years; but in order to continue such a struggle we must gird ourselves with four things: 

Unflagging determination. 

A strategic road-map for the current struggle. 

A certainty that we will win this fight against hatred, colonial occupation, and this final iteration of apartheid, and most importantly, 

A goal which will serve as a load-star towards which we are drawn as iron filings are drawn to a magnet. 

We are convinced that current events are leading to the goal first set out in our strategic proposal embodied in ‘the Long Game’ (a proposal which will need constant revision, such as we will set out shortly on this, our second site, on the page, ‘Long game revisited.’ https://sosplanetearth.net/long_game )

It's necessary, but far from sufficient, to look forward to ‘the day after.’ we must cast our eyes much farther into the future; when a re-imagined Gaza provides a demonstration of what the future of our ‘race’ must be! 


1) National University of Palestine Izzeldin Abuelaish School of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery

2) Rooftop solar panels (not shown: solar panels on all residential and commercial buildings)

3) light rail train

4) mixed Mediterranean vegetation woodland

5) community garden (not shown: 54 gardens)

6) (not shown) offshore wind-farms

7) (not shown) hydrogen power plant